About Us

Who we areRomsey Methodist Church

Romsey Methodist Church is a group of people eager to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ to the people of Romsey. Jesus showed us how we should try to live our lives, and by dying for all of us he has given us a way of receiving eternal life with the one true God.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, who Jesus sent to help us, we can continue the work that Jesus started nearly 2000 years ago.

Here in Romsey we share our faith with those with whom we work, meet and know.  In our Housegroups and Bible Studies we are able to learn more about God, and His mission for us.

Methodism in Romsey

Methodism has been in existence in Romsey since 1811, when the Primitive Methodists had a chapel in The Hundred, a short distance away from the present church. In 1813 the Wesleyans then built a chapel in Banning Street, but by 1875 reports had appeared stating that "the life of Methodism is being crushed out in the place" due to the sinful nature of Banning Street at that time (it was even next to a public house!). Many Methodists refused to attend the chapel, and so on 22nd October 1881 five Memorial Stones were laid in The Hundred at the present site of the church, and it opened on 31st May 1882. The Primitive Methodists built a new chapel in Middlebridge Street in 1895, thus distancing themselves from the Wesleyans. Following the Methodist Union the two societies joined in 1935, and the chapel in Middlebridge Street was sold to the Elim Trust Corporation. An extension was built onto the rear of the church in 1982 due to the increase in the number of people attending.